Shayan Belliappa

Shayan maintains words have the power to inspire and destroy, not necessarily all at once. You might want to choose yours well. An MBA by qualification, a writer at heart, she believes everybody has a story worth telling and insists you tell her yours. Her petite frame belies her love for food. A voracious reader, Shayan can easily get lost on an unending trail of information and trivia while researching for her articles.

If she appears woolly-headed at the editing table, know that she is about to hit the nail on the head. A hopeless romantic, Shayan is dewy-eyed reading tales of undying love. In her own words, working with Soulveda has been a brand new departure for her as a writer. The sky is the limit, she believes.

लेखक शयन बेल्लियप्पा


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