Ankit Sinha

A voracious reader, avid traveller, and music aficionado, Ankit is a multifaceted creative. Hailing from a family of artists and educators, he developed a penchant for arts, aesthetics and creative writing at a young age. Ankit's tryst with journalism began in the late 2000s when he started writing music blogs, journals and reviews for a plethora of international ezines and magazines. Captivated by the mysteries of the human mind and existence in his mid-20s, Ankit also delved deeper into the myriad aspects of Indo-Tibetan wisdom traditions by travelling to and living in Himachal Pradesh and Nepal, where he got the opportunity to study under several meditation masters, scholars and academics. He firmly believes that our thoughts and experiences constantly shape our inner being and define how we interact with others. At Soulveda, Ankit wishes to create enriching perspectives that could help nurture a positive outlook on life through which we can all tap into the innate reservoir of happiness and bliss.

लेखक अंकित सिन्हा


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